April 15th

It has been a busy 10 days since we got home.

On the trip back we decided that our 6 and a half year old van was starting to have problems and we either had to spend some $ fixing things or trade it in and get a new one. After some internet research and pricing we decided that a Stow and Go Dodge Caravan was it. We are now the proud owners of a bright red van. The neat thing is all the back seats fold into the floor – we had the back bench seat from our last van in our walk in closet from the day we bought it – this is so much better. The van drives nicely. We actually had sun yesterday and took it for a little drive – very nice.

Also I started Physio for my arm and it is greatly improved – fabulous.

The weather hasn’t cooperated at all – miserable until yesterday and today. We were very fortunate last Thursday we had lots of rain and some freezing rain – ice on our new windshield Friday morning – but we did escape the snow.

April 11th 2013 ice

This pic was taken Thursday afternoon.

On our drive on Sunday we went by Guelph Lake to see if the osprey had returned and yes there they were busy building their nest on the side of the highway in view of the lake – wonderful to see.



Today was the first day I walked outside and may be the last for a bit – more spring rain in the forecast.

Busy doing our taxes and going to doctors’ appointments etc. – all those little things that you get to do at home.


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