May 17th

Getting truly back into the routine of being home in Guelph and finally the weather seems to have decided that summer will come. Since the end of April (last post) we had some rain, about a week have fabulous warm weather and sunshine and THEN cold, damp weather – we had frosts at night – Tuesday the 14th of May was the last frost. I was finally able to plant the flower boxes at the front of our condo building on Wednesday. It makes it so much more inviting. The tulips made it through the cold snap and are still blooming. The lilacs are out today and spreading their scent.

I’m just about done therapy for my left arm – it is about 98% and the therapist is also doing wonders for my wrist so that is super.

I bought a new camera – a Nikon P510 – with a huge zoom lens so have walked in both my favorite parks – SilverCreek and Riverside.

Just to show off a bit – standing in 1 spot –
First full apple tree

ap 1

Half way on the zoom

apl 2

Full zoom


Another sample of capabilities of this neat machine


bir 1

Showing there is actually a bird in this tree

bir 2

bir 3

Of course I can’t resist bird pictures – just a few from the last 2 weeks.



gold 2

Cliff Swallows

cliff swa



Canda Goose


Female Merganser

f mer

And on a bad hair day

mer ha

Male Merganser

m mer

Mallard male


Mallard pair




House Sparrow


Looking downstream from the dam at Silvercreek Park.

dam 1

Looking upstream at the main dam in Riverside Park.

dam 2

A very muddy turtle warming in Friday’s sunshine.



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