July 20th

We’ve had more hot muggy weather and Friday afternoon and evening some thunder, lightning, heavy rains and strong winds rolled through – Saturday was still hot – 28C but not as humid.

RIP to a baby Robin- my girlfriend and I saw a baby robin as we left to go grocery shopping – so cute I took pics ,…. (of course)



When we returned the mother robin was there – calling frantically – I took a pic and as I did my girlfriend said – does that crow have the baby – and sure enough a crow had flown away with the baby in its mouth and was on the next roof top – sad – nature at work but sad nonetheless.


Last week I spent a few days at a cottage at Lac du Serpent in Quebec with some girlfriends – the not so famous “group of 7” but alas we were only 6 this year. We had a good time but it was too hot to walk – so swimming, card playing , eating and talking occupied us fully.

The laneway into the cottage


The Lake


Friendly card playing


Some pics of wild things …..








One thought on “July 20th

  1. Mark

    Similar event here….had a neat pic of nest of robin babies in barn…then, nest on floor and feathers & blood everywhere..not sure what got them all….:(


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