August 11, 2013

Not much has been happening so little to write on the blog.

We have been doing the final preparations for our trip to Tanzania in October. Just a few more shots to get (typhoid and the Hepatitis shots -maybe – had blood tests 2 days ago to check if we need them again).

What we have been working on is making little movies from the videos we took in Texas this winter. I am going to try and up load the 2 we have made that worked out. One is from the Laguna wildlife Preserve on the East coast of Texas – opposite the San Padre Island. The other one is a composite of a few birds found in the Mission, Texas area. Well forget that – not able to upload videos without a paid upgrade – so guess it will only be pics for the blog.

My hearing is just about 100% in my left ear – fantastic stuff.

Just discovered that for some reason the July 2 blog didn’t show up so I republished it – old news but oh well.

I will be updating in early September as we go to Niagara Falls for the Labour Day Week-end. Until then – probably fairly quiet.


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