July 2nd, 2013

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while – had 3 peolple in the pass few weeks remind me so I figured I’d better update.

I finally finished therapy for my arm in late May and figured great now lots of walking adventures…… the same day my EN&T surgeon called and – informed me I was at the top of the list for surgery and so – scheduled pre-op and surgery – The surgery was for June 14th and I was told in no uncertain words do not get a COLD. He couldn’t operate on the ear if there was any sign of a cold. So okay – no walking etc just to make sure.

Surgery went well on the 14th – he did what he called an ear by-pass in the middle ear. Drilled out some of the mastoid, rejiggered the small bones – 1 he turned right around and got everything working – he’s quite optimistic. He unpacked the ear canal on the 27th of June and now I have another few days of ear drops – I already can hear somewhat better in my left ear but it will come gradually over the next 6 weeks as the middle ear gets used to the new configurement. I really had very little pain or dizziness. The weird thing is the metallic taste on the left side of my tongue – the nerve is near the ear parts they played with during surgery so it was pushed aside and takes a while to recover.

A friend here in our building won 2 tickets to the afternoon Blue Jays game May 28 and asked if I wanted to go with him. The seats were in the 5th row at first base. A few pics from the game – Jays loss in OT but it was a great game. All pictures were taken from our seats with my fabulous new camera.






In mid June we had a week of really hot humid weather but now we are having low to mid 20’s (Celsius) and some sun – much nicer weather. I hope to get out walking soon but I do tire easily – my body is still recovering from the full anesthetic.

A few pics – from the full moon in June.



I took these out the den window around 5:40 am – June 24th.


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