October 12, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Sun setting as we fly over Labrador. Red Car service efficient as ever – got us to the Toronto airport in lots of time. We had gotten our boarding passes on line – so just had to check-in at KLM desk for Gate number – clerk impressed we only had carry-on and it wasn’t over weight.!!!! Proceeded to our gate – had supper before boarding (pizza and chicken) boarded and departed on time. Economy Comfort Seating on KLM is well worth the extra $ – lots of legroom – we had the window seats – so just the 2 of us. PERFECT.

Watched movies during the 8 hour flight to Amsterdam. LOTS of walking in their airport – even though we landed in section E and took off from section F. Had breakie ….. then it was boarding time. Did do security checks at the gate – full body scan and pat down……. Flight to Kilimanjaro and then on to Dar es Salaam was long over 11 hours counting stopover. Tired but did get some sleep.

Customs at the Tanzania airport was a breeze as we had gotten our VISA ahead of time but they do full finger printing A rep for our tour operator met us – with cold water. YEAH. Drive into town about 30 minutes. Got to hotel, checked and unpacked and sleeping by midnight.

Body is funny – even though there is a 7 hour time difference we woke up at 7am today.

Breakfast was a buffet here in the hotel. Excellent – and everyone is very helpful. Fabulous concierge Rita here at the hotel. She made sure we had a little fridge in our room to have cold water always available (hotel provides it – not like at home where you have to pay for it)

After breakfast Garnet found a shady spot at the pool and spend the morning with his pipes and puzzles. I went for a short walk in the Horticultural gardens next door.

Flower in tree

African Teak – huge

Then walked around the hotel to get a pic.



Found some fabulous birds…… Black headed weavers. The trees in front are full of their nests.


Then I had a quick dip in the pool. Afterwards I talked to Rita about walking to the Post Office – she said 11 am was a good time – it would be busy then but not to bring my camera case or be showy. So off I went with my little point and shoot camera – found the post office for post cards and stamps, then the supermarket for a lighter for Garnet, then the Canadian Embassy, a block from the hotel. Lots of street vendors.


Decided we will eat supper here at the hotel because the sidewalks are non-existent or very poor.

Then had lunch and now relaxing and napping.


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