October 13th

Today’s adventure consisted of a city walk – I went with Mustafa – our tour contact. We left at 10 am and returned at noon – hot and sweaty. We left the hotel and walked down to the Indian Ocean, then along the shore , pass the old hospital built by the Germans in the late 1800’s. We then arrived at the fish market. Wow People selling fresh caught fish, others cleaning and preparing the fish for drying and selling fish already dried and then across the street men cooking fish for take out. Very, very busy area.

Then we continued our walk pass the harbour and along to the Lutheran Church. We then continued our loop through shady streets by the National Museum and back to the hotel.

After a quick shower and some relaxing, Garnet and I went down for lunch and then I walked through part of the Horticultural Gardens next door. So neat today was peacock day as they strutted around and then behold monkeys. They were Black Faced Verver Monkeys. I got a surprise when I looked at my pics – a mommy and her baby.

Now I am going to try posting pics here at the end but it hasn’t been wanting to let me post pics today so we’ll see what happens.


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