Day 2 on Safari October 15th

What an early morning wake-up. Birds and animal noises woke me up shortly after 5. As I got up a large cat – walked up the ravine, in front of our steps and under our tent platform – wow. I woke Garnet up quickly and described the animal to him and he identified it as a caracal. Neat – no pic but a great memory. Then lots of monkeys showed up so I finished dressing and went out on our verandah to get pics as they scampered around in the trees and on the roof of our tent. They are black faced verver monkeys.



We had a 7 am wake up call (talk about being spoilt in the bush) – they bring tea and coffee and a little plate of cookies. The helper placed the tray on the outside table and went in and showed Garnet how to set up the little safe. I turned my back for 1 second to look at the view – the monkeys descended and in the blink of an eye the cookies were gone…… funny thing the monkeys didn’t reappear the next 3 mornings – guess they know that only works once with greenhorns…. LOL

Breakie in the dining tent and we are off on safari with Chrales (guide) and Rajabu (driver). New territory from yesterday. Drove out to Lake Nzerakara – saw 2 very sleepy and contented male lions.



Lots of impala everywhere


“Giraffe Crossing”


Have to put a bird pic here – the lilac breasted roller and it is even more colourful when flying but never could get a flying picture.


Yellow baboons doing personal hygiene


Elephants in the bush


One curious one came to investigate


A spotted hyena taking a rest in the shade.


a family of warthogs


a common waterbuck


Back to camp around noon and lunch at one then relaxing until 3:45. Met Charles and the boat driver (forgot his name…..) for an afternoon water safari.

Went up the Rufigi River away from the camp- another wonderful adventure.

Learned that a hippo yawn is a sign of aggression – usually telling crocodiles they are getting too close.


I believe this is a savannah monitor – reaching for a drink


A pied kingfisher


Soft shelled turtle


A crocodile coming to visit us……


Two fish eagles taking a break


Sunset on the water …. look carefully for the hippo taking a peek.

The end of another fantastic day in the open air. We were pooped, made it to supper and bed shortly thereafter.


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