Day 3 October 16th

Another interesting wake up to bird and animal sounds. Wake up tea and cookies ( I got to eat them today) at 6:30 , walk over to breakie at 7. Just as we were finishing, Barbara, the fantastic manager, came over and said the wild dog pack was very close to the camp and did we want to go see them before we did our planned activities. So off we went. Fabulous.


Charles and Rajabu took us and then we returned to the camp to drop off Garnet who was off for a morning’s fishing with Moshi – more on that later.


Then they took me to Mloka, a village about 15 minutes outside the reserve gates. The drive on the main reserve road was rough. When we got to town – it was a very large village – I’d say at least 1 thousand residences – we drove through to the other side to the school. Unfortunately noone had realized it was a muslim holiday and it was closed but Rajabu went off and found the school principal and she gladly opened the school.


Principal – and head count for school. If you look at the bottom chart – IDADI YA WANAFUNZI -2013
Darasa = grade
Mikondo = number of teachers
Wav = boys
Was = girls
JML =total number of students

So grade 1 has 3 teachers and 121 students
School has 683 students and 16 teachers.


The principal spoke great english and was very interesting. Whenever we travel we try to make a donation to a school and/or activity related to children so this was the main purpose of the morning. They had a locked donation box to put the money in and then she had a large register for me to make a comment – very well organized and efficient. As we left another tour couple drove up so hopefully she got another donation. The school is bare bones so they can certainly use it.

Then Charles and I walked through the main part of town, with Charles’s help I got to take a few pictures. They don’t want you taking people pictures because that may start a “pay for pictures” attitude which the village doesn’t want. So we asked whenever Charles felt it was appropriate.

The daily fresh food market.


The tailor where the camp workers get their uniforms mended. Some gorgeous stuff here.


A typical house


The bar restaurant called Mloka Best, where we met up with Rajabu and had water, pop and juice.


Then we went back to the reserve – a picture here of the squat toilet – most places had 2 stalls in the woman’s side – a regular toilet and a squat one – interesting. Actually great because there were toilets and always clean and always toilet paper.


On the way back we detoured to Lake Manze for some birding.

Goliath Heron


African Spoonbill


Map of Selous Park and areas we visited


We returned to camp around 12 – got to hear all about the fishing from Garnet. He enjoyed his morning but didn’t take pictures – fishing and relaxing.

He and Moshi went out by boat – fished in different spots, sometimes from the boat somtimes from the sandy shore. First they got some silvery fish for bait, bigger than opur perch – they caught them with a bamboo pole and pea. Garnet caught 1 tigerfish – pic from internet


Impressive teeth…. he also caught 3 crocodiles but luckily didn’t land any LOL – they all either let go of the bait or snapped the line.

Moshi caught 2 tigerfish and some croc also. The staff got to eat the fish Yeah!!!

Rest after lunch then I went out with Charles and Moshi around 4 for a couple of hours. Satyed in area nearer to camp but saw bits of everything. Most interesting were

A warthog family



A very watchful baboon


We finished off by finding the wild dog pack …. interestingly the next day none of the guides could find them they had moved out of the area.


Back at 6:30 lots of time for showers and downloading pictures. Garnet had a restful afternoon in camp enjoying the view and animals from our verandah.


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