Day 4 October 14th

Lots of animals around last night – after supper the Masai walking us back to our tent stopped and then with his flashlight showed us an elephant 10 meters away, then a few meters further showed us a baby impala sleeping under a bush – neat.

Up and having breakie by 7 am. Mommy and baby hippo eating breakfast also across the river.


Then out for our morning bush safari hoping to see more elephants travelled mostly between the main road and the river – interesting stuff. Lots of birds, a sleeping civet (WOW !!) in an hollow at the base of a tree, a dwarf mongoose, lots of giraffes, impala, warthogs and waterbuck.

Its a find the animal picture for the civet – you can hopefully find the body by the fur colouring and also 1 ear sticking up.


We found a dead impala by the road. Both Charles and Rajabu looked it over carefully no signs of bite marks and no signs of a struggle so they felt it was a natural death.



We found 2 sleeping female lions – they certainly weren’t bothered by us. One pic to give you perspective on how close we got.





We went back to the dead impala 2 hours later after a short rain shower. The vultures were just arriving – I never realized that vultures cannot fly in the rain – can’t get wet. That is why their scavenging was delayed today. Shortly after we arrived the 2 hyenas showed up also. They were very warry of the vehicles but still chased the vultures and storks away and took the impala for themselves – it was back and forth for a while but as we left the hyenas once again took the carcass away.






More live impala.

Returned to camp for 1 pm lunch, decided as it was our last afternoon in this camp to take it easy. Packed, went to the pool and napped for a quiet afternoon in camp.

Supper at 8 as usual – unusual dessert – a skewer of fruit. The “skewer” is a small piece of branch from the whistling accacia tree.





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