Day 7 October 20

Up early again but today doing a long drive – will not return to camp until after 12 for lunch at 1pm – breakfast in the bush. Last night we were entertained by jackals and hyenas – some quite closeby.

Sunrise on the road then headed towards what they call here the ‘little serengeti’.
Some notewhile viewings on the way.


Verreaux’ eagle owl note the pink eyelids


saddle billed stork


lions at a watering hole


signs in the park – most well signed park we’ve ever seen.


The next animal we saw was the dik dik – we had seen some before but we were never able to get a picture – this group was much more cooperative. The first picture is to give you perspective on how small this full grown adult dik dik is.



It was a great day for seeing many animals – probably the best game drive we had the whole trip – so worth getting up early for the longer trip.

lesser kudu


Mwagusi Sand River – very impressive – can’t believe this will be overflowing with water come December.


Grant’s gazelle


The size of the baobab tree in perspective – yet that is Garnet – oh so tiny.


greater kudu


giraffe – the quintessential Africa picture


elephant eating


elephant crossing


We went off cross country as there was a cheetah sighting at the other end of the forest but alas – it was gone by the time we arrived – not a big deal – was a fabulous day – returned for lunch – relaxing afternoon of birding and packing – off early the next morning for Katavi National Park.


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