Day 8 October 21st

Up at 6:15 – slept in wow- finished packing, breakie at 6:45 – left camp before 7:30 with Kevin the pilot for our flight to Katavi National Park. First pic – radio signal tower on mountain – great cell phone reception throughout the parks. Saw lions on the way to the airport.



View of the park workers village near the airport.


Garnet talked his way into sitting in the co-pilot’s seat for the flight to Katavi.


Landed in Katavi – 9 people on board – 6 for other camps and us two and a mason for our camp.


Airport building – there were also modern washrooms off to the side. I have learned to take advantage of them whenever they appear.


Took the long way back to camp for a safari along the river. Zebras munching in the savannah…


Elephants going to drink at the springs


Sharing a drink with Mommy


Giraffes at the water holes – I just couldn’t get a pic of one drinking on this day but do on day 9.


Arrived at camp – greeted by Nick the manager. Meresu is our guide and Kevin our driver at this camp. We sat with Nick at reception and he let us know we were the only guests in camp for our stay. Talk about being pampered. He went over the schedule – very flexible. Also went over our dietary needs and provided me with biscuits for when we were on safari (because of my hypoglycemia – I need to eat every few hours) – very impressed. Lunch at 1 , safari at 4 and supper at 8. Breakie at 7 am followed by a drive. Sounds fabulous.

Inside of our tent.


outside – neat to have the roof as opposed to another tarp – kept it a bit cooler


View from our verandah – Topi in savannah


lion cub


full pride


our guide Meseru


HIPPO BATHS Meseru estimated about 500 hundred hippos in this area – would get close to 1000 as the water dried up in the next few weeks. The hippos spend the day here and wander far afield at night to graze on the grasses.




waiting for sunset



One thought on “Day 8 October 21st

  1. Margaret Skinner

    Enjoying the beautiful pics. Learning lots about animals I have heard of and some that are new to me. The heat is obvious in some pictures. Sunsets are spectacular. Having Garnet in the pic with the tree helps to put its size into perspective. Looks like a dream trip.


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