Dec 1st Mission, Texas

The weather in Kissemmee was damp and mostly cool. My arthritis flared up the Sunday night so not much sleep and Monday was recuperating and sleeping. Tuesday I was walking okay (with a cane for support) so off we went to Tampa to see the Aquarium. It was good and we saw some neat animals but there were a lot of pre-school kids and families and just a few didn’t seem to know how to behave….. too bad because 95% of the kids visiting that day were excellent. Some of my favorite pis…..






Tuesday night we went out for Hibachi…. unbeknown to us it was kids eat free night. But it worked out fine. We sat at a grill for 10 with 2 families of 4 ( each had a boy and a girl) They were all fabulous and we had a great supper….. well 1 of the Dad’s talked a lot… but we survived. Food was excellent.

Wednesday – my foot was bruised on the underside so figured I’d better not walk much. Thursday was American Thanksgiving so watched football and packed.

We left Kissimmee early Friday morning and had a great day driving – stopping just east of Pensecola, Florida. Saturday anothe day – driving across Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and into Texas – stopped just east of Houston. Interesting driving across seeing ads for “boudain” – talk about childhood memories…..

Also on Saturday night we went for Seafood at Pappadeaux’s a seafood restaurant chain…… excellent food and very accomodating regarding no garlic – not cheap …. but fabulous food.

Sunday morning left bright and early – cloudy but cleared up…. arrived in Mission around 2:30…. started getting settled in – back in our winter home !!!!

I hope to blog each week-end with a weekly round up and pics of course.


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