Dec 7 end of week 1 in Mission, Texas

Arrived here in Mission and settled in fairly quickly. By Wednesday we were into our regular routine. Breakfast at a local restaurant – Diaz – great food and wonderful people. Most regulars from last year are already back,

I was at the pool Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday I went over to the National Butterfly Centre – a couple of miles from our park. The weather was hot but cloudy. Saw lots of birds and some butterflies as the sun played peekaboo.

Then Thursdaay I went out to the Santa Anna Refuge – about 25 km away – hot but luckily cloudy. Not a lot of water in the ponds but saw quite a few waterfowl and also other birds. Had a good long walk and didn’t get tired out – fantastic.

Thursday afternoon the cold weather arrived – went from 29C down to 8C Friday it hovered around 9C then overnight it went down. Today (Saturday) it is sitting at 5C….. cold for here for sure.

Garnet made spagetti sauce so that heated the apartment up nicely. I’m watching a lot of NCAA basketball – great way to spend a cool day.

Some pics for your entertainment.

Christmas decorations at the park.


Sunset Dec 2nd


Green Jay on Wednesday


Queen butterfly


Our canal has been drained – not many birds near the park….. sad


Cinnamon teal at Santa Anna Refuge


The ‘South’ path at Santa Anna


American kestrel


Eastern Meadowlark


Snowy egret



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