Dec 21 end of week 3 in Mission Texas

Good weather returned to southern Texas … wonderful.

At the beginning of the week I went to the Anzalduas dam nearby and got very lucky seeing an American Bluebird – saw this same species for the first time on Manitoulin this summer – neat.


Also at the dam saw the black Phoebe.


Then that afternoon I went to the National Butterfly Centre – also very close. A group of butterfly enthusiast were running around chasing a butterfly – so I had to follow suit and got these pics of a rare butterfly for down here – Blomfields Beauty:



On the way home I stopped to watch a red tailed hawk.


Also stopped for an American Kestrel (use to be called Sparrow Hawk) – there are so many around this year compared to last year.


Then on Wednesday we took a 2 night trip up to Corpus Christi – gorgeous drive there – this pic – an optical allusion – no water in back part of picture – but it appears to be there before the line of trees – again neat.


Took a loop drive to Padre Island (north part) and Mustang Island before checking into our hotel.



Thursday morning went to the Texas Aquarium – bird of paradise by the walkway and main entrance to aquarium.



Weird fish


Blue poison dart frog – learned that it is only poison because of what it eats in the wild.


A sea cucumber


We also visited the USS Lexington – huge aircraft carrier – trying to upload a picture – having some problems…weird. Finally got the 1 pic to load – guess everyone is using computers in the park tonight and the server is overloaded.



Only in Texas – a 2 lane road – speed limit 70 MPH – mind you it is straight and has wide paved shourlders but 70 MPH… scary.



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