Dec 28, 2013

Its been a wet week in Mission but the temperatures have stayed above 10C so can’t complain too much.

Did get some birding in up to Christmas Eve – mostly at the Butterfly Center and had some good butterly sightings as well as birds.

Christmas Eve we had the posada (explained in pictures) followed by Mass. Because I was going to the 6pm mass, Garnet bbq steaks early – delicious. Then Christmas day we celebrated with Cornish Game Hens, wild rice stuffing, fresh baked cornbread and homemade raspberry pie….. great stuff.

Since then we’ve had misty or rainy days so not much walking – only here in the park – the sun did shine through for a few seconds today…… c’est la vie.

The end of this week – better weather to come I’m sure.

Mexican Silver Spot – top view


Mexican silver spot – bottom view


Magnolia Warbler – I believe – spotted at the Butterfly Center

warbler magnolia

Christmas in the park – Texas style


Downtown Mission Christmas lights


Posada on Christmas Eve- posada is the recreation of the journey taken by Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus – our church puts it on each night for the 10 days before Christmas – usually at dusk but since the first Christmas Eve mass was at 6 – they did it at 5pm


Outside of church – 2 side wings were added to the church.


Inside of our newly renovated Lady of Gadaloupe Church in Mission, Texas.


Role playing the Christmas Gospel by the Juniors from the high school.



One thought on “Dec 28, 2013

  1. Rose-Aline

    Nice pics. Nice and warm here in Ottawa. With the wind today it is again MINUS 39 degrees. 😦
    That “weird fish” looks like a Lion fish. We hunt and spear them in the Caribbean (feed them to other fish and Moray eels) because they are an introduced species that is destroying the reefs. They have sharp poisonous spines but are beautiful to look at.


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