January 4th, 2014

Last Sunday started the week with a glorious sunshine day, followed by horrid rain all day Monday, Tuesday, mist Wednesday and Thursday, cold early Friday but gorgeous sunshine and heat came on quickly and today Saturday is another glorious day. Much better weather – hopefully it stays.

Monday we deicded to beat the rain and went to the movies – spent a super 3 hours watching the Hobbit Part 2 in 3D – fabulous and the theatre was virtually empty so even better.

Because of all the rain the overflow filled the drainage ditch with water so got to walk the levy and see some birds – egrets, kingfishers, american coot, and some hawks. But by today the ditch is dry again.

I did get some good walks in at the Butterfly Centre and the Anzulduas Park on the sunny days.

The park was fabulous – bluebirds and the vermillion flycatcher. Some new warblers and sparrows at the Butterfly Centre. Also lots of hawks and american kestrels around.

Eastern Bluebird


Brown pelican


Vermillion Flycatcher

flycatcher vermillion (2)


White checkered

white - western white

Squirrel posing for his picture


Ringed kingfisher


Harris Hawk


Belted Kingfisher


American Kesterl



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