January 11, 2014

Big weather improvement this week – Last Saturday and Sunday were sunny but not very warm. Then Monday and Tuesday were downright cold (2C one night). Wednesday warmed up to 17C then Thursday, Friday and Saturday were fantastic. I went to a travel Expo in McAllen – small but some interesting stuff, afterwards I went over to the Edinburg Wetlands – some good birding. Thursday I went over to Santa Anna Refuge. Not a lot of birds as the winds started but some good stuff. I woke up Friday morning with a sore big toe – arthrtitis – so decided on a pool day. Saturday I went to the Butterfly Centre early – a good walk -some butterflies and some birds. Then I did some pool walking again before football. Garnet BBQ steaks at half time so a super day.

Some highlights from this week.

Tropical Kingbird at Santa Anna Refuge


Western Meadowlark at Santa Anna


Indigo Snake – Santa Anna



Male Kiskadee preening I guess – never seen this before – lucky shot – at Butterfly Center


Regular Kiskadee head

kiskadee head

Yellow rumpled warbler – probably Myrtle Warbler – Wetlands

warbler myrtle imm

Blue Winged Teal at Edunburg Wetlands

teal blue winged

Ruby Crowned Kinglet – both pics – different view at Wetlands



Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher at Butterfly Center



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