January 25

Good weather this week until Friday – when the deep freeze settled in and suddenly we had a high of 6C – today Saturday it is up to 18C again with sunshine. Thursday night was very humid with rain and some rain again Friday afternoon.

Went to Edinburg Wetlands, Butterfly Center and Estero Llano State Park this week – excellent birding and walking.

Hopefully this coming week will also be great birding weather.

Greenjay just starting his bath- great looking Mohawk hair:

greenjay mohawk

Bathtime ….

greenjay bath

Cedarwaxwing – he was actually in the same tree as a Vermillion Flycatcher

cedar waxwing

Screechowl who took ocer a nesting box and made it is home.

owl screech

Pauraque …. if you can find this well camouflaged bird – sleeps during the day like the owl.


Vermillion Flycatcher

vermillion flycatcher

White Eyed Vireo – a super pic if I do say so myself.

vireo white eyed

Another great week…. more next week hopefully.


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