February 1, 2014

Went to Butterfly Centre, Santa Anna Refuge, Edinburg Wetlands and Anzulduas Park. Had two cold days this week – down to ZERO Celcius on the 29th – they closed the expressway overnight because of ice and delayed schools in the morning so that buses wouldn’t run until the ice melted on the roads. The next day the temps were up to 22C… WEIRD weather. I’ve been feeling pretty good except for my knee giving out every so often so wore my knee brace whenever I went walking and all has been well. Garnet picked up at bug of some kind and has had stomach problems – so unlike him – and its taking its time clearing up. Hopefully this coming week all will be fine.

Mostly birds this week – as usual… LOL
Crimson Patch Butterfly at the Centre early in the week – just gorgeous and a first for me but it just wouldn’t open its wings.. oh well.

crimson patch butterfly

A Vermillion flycatcher – immature – from Santa Anna Refuge – thought I had a new bird until I started looking in my books – neat look for sure.

flycatcher vemillion immature

Lesser Goldfinch – best picture this year – very hard to get a pic as they don’t stop flitting around. Found at Wetlands.

goldfinch lesser

From Anzulduas Park – very windy – Great Egret flying birds definitely best sights on this day.

great egret

Santa Anna – Gray Hawk – new bird – seen from very far away – full zoom used to get a pic.

hawk gray

White Tailed Kite – on Pintail ponds at Santa Anna Refuge – another new one to me.

kite white tailed

Kingbird eating a dragonfly for lunch – neat – Santa Anna


Nutria at Edinburg Wetlands – large rat – size of beaver – invasive animal in this part of Texas.

nutria at E W

Osprey over Rio Grande River at Anzulduas Dam.


White Pelican at the dam also.

pelican white

Green Winged Teal at Edinburg Wetlands

teal green winged

Wilson’s Warbler at Edinburg Wetlands also – new bird for me – a bunch of birders were running around trying to find this bird – once they left I stood quietly for a while and he came and posed for me…. LOL

warbler wilsons

This cute warbler was also at Edinburg Wetlands. he was determined to have a good lunch – hanging upside down to make sure he got what he wanted. A female or immature orange crowned warbler – I believe.



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