February 8th – 3 days late

Sunday and Monday were okay – not hot and sunny but livable – the rest of the week was a lost cause rain and cold…… nasty stuff again.

On Sunday I went to the Butterfly centre, Monday to the Santa Ana Refuge. On Thursday I went to a municipal park and found some wild domesticated geese.

Sunday the 9 and Monday the 10 were great but today the 11th is wet aand cold but more on that next week.

The hawks seem to be returning to the area – this is a Harris Hawk. I also saw 3 in one tree so that was super.

hawk harris (2)

I saw the two javelins in Santa Ana – a first for this year and they posed for me for awhile until I moved too close in their view.




White tailed kite for the second week in a row.

kite white tailed

Savannah Sparrows

sparrow savannah

Female red-wing blackbird

blackbird redwing female

Domesticated Czech Goose – in the wild at city park.

egret cattle

Non-breading plumage of American Goldfinch.

goldfinch american non-breading


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