February 15 th … sun and heat FINALLY

Wonderful weather week – Tuesday was cold and wet (4C) but otherwise we’ve had heat and sun everyday (mid to high 20s) WONDERFUL.

We had a busy week. Our friend Mark arrived Sunday. We got to visit Estero Llano State Park, Rio-Bentsen State Park, South Padre Island and Santa Ana Refuge this week. We also spent a day in Brownsville at the Gladys Porter Zoo. FABULOUS stuff.

Interesting on Padre Island there were sand drifts…LOL. The Zoo was fantastic as usual and they had 2 new pavilions since last year – 1 for reptiles and 1 for fish/sea life in the Gulf.

Lots of pics – chose a few highlights:

Smudgy – cross between the Altamira Oriole and the Audubon Oriole at Rio-Bentsen

smudgy 2 (1)

Harris Hawk at Santa Ana

Harris Hawk

Green Teal at Santa Ana


Kingbird at Santa Ana


Pintail duck at Estero Llana


Turtles at Estero LLano – baby so cute and tiny


Flying high at South Padre Island birding centre


Snowy Egret and Tricolored Heron at South Padre


Green Jays having a chat at Bentsen

green jays

Screech Owl at Estero Llana

owl screech (2)


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