February 23

Another great week in Mission, Texas – good weather – sun and heat. It was a busy week. We watched a lot of Olympics – super athletes representing Canada – all countries – fantastic. Watched bball Saturday night as Duke beat Syracuse YEAH !!! Went on a lot of birding walks. It was nice having Mark around – good company for birding. We went to Edinburg Wetlands, Anzalduas Park and Laguna Acosta Refuge. The Refuge changed from last year – no driving on their long road but we were on time for the park bus – 2 and 1/2 hour tour. Excellent. Then we went on a walk through deer habitat – it was HOT over 30C. We saw lots of signs of deer but no animals themselves. We did see some great hawks. Week-end spent relaxing, watching some sports and catching up on housework.

Now for some pics.

At Anzalduas Park – A bluebird just posing for us:

bluebird 2 (1)

bluebird 2 (2)

On our tour at the Laguna Refuge I finally got a good picture of a crested caracara

crested caracara

We saw a huge flock of Snow Geese


Far off at the look-out we saw a feral pig

feral pig

The beauty of flying:

Harris Hawk

harris hawk flying

Light Morph Short Tailed Hawk

light morph short tailed hawk


osprey flying 1

White Tailed Hawk

white tailed hawk

Black and White Warbler at Edinburg Wetlands

warbler black &white


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