March 3rd – late but done at least….

Another strange weather week but it ended on a good note – Friday and Saturday were fabulous. Sunday March 2 was hot, very windy and very humid – reached a high of 31C then boom – the bottom fell out again – this morning 4 am March 3rd – it is only 7C and raining and that is the predicted high for today… brrrr……………….. I know it’s nothing compared to Ontario temps but for here it is cold.

I went to the Wetlands, Bentsen State Park and Santa Ana Refuge this week. Also did house cleaning……….. read a lot, we worked on jigsaw puzzles and watched basketball on TV (getting ready for March Madness), also got to watch our favorite shows now that the Olympics are over.

Now for the pics….

Spring is definitely in the air – blooms are fabulous




Myrtle warbler at Wetlands

warbler myrtle

Lunch at Santa Ana Refuge

I thought the Ibis was feasting on fich but low and behold he’s eating a huge tadpole….. sad…..


Kiskadee ( a type of flycatcher) eating … what else… but a fly


Lesser Scaups


Greater Scaups…



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