March 8th, 2014

Another strange week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were cloudy, wet and cool…. Tuesday night from 11 to midnight we had a light and sound show and half way through the rains came pouring down – woke us both up – couldn’t get back to sleep. Thursday warmed up a bit and some sun in the afternoon – walked at the Butterfly Centre. Friday started off great and was predicted sunny and warm so we decided on a day trip up to Falcon State Park and the Salineno Wildlife Refuge Tract. Good choice but the day became cloudy and only a high of 20C. But the Park had a 3 mile loop trail that I walked – some good birds, saw a large group of javelinas – only 1 okay pic – they are very skittish. Also had a rabbit run across my path as well as a road runner at the washroom – no pics. But good walking some good sightings of Caracara, osprey and egrets and good views of desert landscape as well as the huge reservoir.

Then we drove to the Salineno tract – a volunteer lives there in her trailer and feeds the birds from donations – neat spot by the Rio Grande River. Saw lots of birds – new to me the Hooded Baltimore and the Swamp Sparrow. Also saw lots of flowering thistles on the drive and a whole field of them near the refuge. Good day 222km round trip – even Garnet enjoyed the birds at the Refuge.

Today – Saturday was hot 27 but 90 % cloudy – so caught up on cleaning, internet, reading and our current jigsaw puzzle – oh yeah and some good basketball on TV – leading up to the tournaments before March madness starts in 10 days.

Thistle fields in bloom – gorgeous



This pic is from last Sunday at Bentsen Rio park – the Redwing Blackbirds were overfeeding – they knew the weather was changing.


Male Hooded Oriole – can tell it from Altimira because it has no orange stripe above the white one on its wings.

oriole hooded m (2)

Tiny butterfly on trail


Tiny flowers on desert trail

crested caracara – a type of vulture – but pretty to me anyway



orange crowned warbler


View of Rio Grande River from Salineno tract up near Falcon State Park.



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