March 15th

Last week-end and on Monday – dreary wet weather. Than Tuesday was hot and very humid – went to Edinburg Wetlands. Wednesday was very windy but mostly sunny so went to Santa Ana and spent lots of time watching a White Tailed Kite – – the wind was so strong he was able to hover. Lots of Black Vultures playing in the wind.

Thursday cooler only 22C (I know that’s hot for most of us) but way less wind – spent a couple of hours at the Anzalduas Dam Park. Bluebirds, Vermillion Flycatcher, Kingbirds and Woodpeckers among others – wonderful.

Friday was warm and got quite windy but did a walk at the butterfly centre after breakie. Good walk, great butterflies and birds.

Vermillion Flycatcher at Anzalduas Dam on Thursday

flycatcher v

Bluebird in the same tree as the flycatcher


American Kestrel flying at Santa Ana – first pic of one flying !!!!

kestrel flying

More than likely a Myrtle Warbler but if you think different let me know – I’m not sure at all – even though the markings seem distinctive.


White Tailed Kite at Santa Ana – on a very windy day!

kite white tailed flying


Notice the mouse in his claws … enjoyed watching him hunt in the wind …. he was able to hover over the field the wind just held him in place. Neat


Ring Necked Duck -Female and Male – new species for me !!!!!

duck ring-necked f

duck ring-necked

This Great Egret was perched high up in a tree – makes a lovely pic with the blue sky.


Tropical KIngbird near Dam

kingbird tropical

I believe this is a Summer Tanager Female … if not let me know.

tananger summer f

Friday’s walk – butterflies and this gorgeous spider web…. neat!


Close up of a dragon fly – dull looking except on close-up – looks like a warrior.



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