March 28th – leaving MIssion tomorrow

Last 2 weeks in Mission weather was warm to hot but we also had quite a few cloudy, muggy, humid days…. c’est la vie. We decided to Leave on Saturday the 29th in order to drive through Houston on Sunday morning so it would be easier. Monday afternoon will be at Graceland for me.

Did Llasso State Park , Santa Ana Refuge a couple of times, The Wetlands and the Butterfly Center – also Anzalduas Park and FINALLY they filled the ditch so I walked the levee quite a few times.

Green Kingfisher at State Park


Little green bug that kept flying onto my hand at Santa Ana


Large group of Glossy Ibis at Santa Ana


Black Tailed Kite at Santa Ana


Osprey flying overhead at Chimney Park Resort


Owl peaking out from Chimney at Park – we have a pair nesting in the chimney but its very hard to see them except at night – this one decided to peak just as I was looking for it on Friday.


A miracle pic – I was trying to get some sparrows flying and took this lucky shot of a scissor tailed flycatcher,

flycatcher scissor tailed

Lark sparrow taken on the levee –

sparrow lark

Curved bill trasher – unusual to find them in a tree – usually digging on the ground.

trasher curved-billed


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